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All services provided by State licensed Massage Therapists

We use top quality organic massage oil only



Your 1st visit.

Don’t forget to tell our receptionist that it’s your first visit, and get your beautiful orange coffee mug. Also, advise if you have any medical condition or any specific area of your body which you are experiencing pain.

Then you’ll be taken to a peaceful, luxury room where a comfortable massage table dressed with warming blanket and crisp clean sheets await.

Then Massage Therapist will leave the room while you change into our clean comfortable pants, and later knock on your door to ask if you are ready.

During the massage session, if any technique or the level of pressure is not comfortable, just tell your Massage Therapist. You can also request to adjust the music volume played in the room, but it’s usually relaxing music.

Once your session is complete, your Therapist will wait outside until you re-dress. She might ask to see if you want anything to drink. We have hot and cold filtered water, and tea. Grab some candy or fruit if you like.

We try not to give you too many massage modalities to confuse you. However, each type of massage listed below can be customized depending on preference of each guest.

For instance, Acupressure (Shiatsu) is Japanese term for finger pressure, but it consists of finger, palm, elbow, forearm, sometimes feet pressure. Each guest can request what level of pressure he or she wants, strong, medium, or soft.

Deep- tissue oil massage can be classified as Swedish Massage if the soft pressure is applied. Tell your Therapist what level of pressure you prefer. Normally deep-tissue massage is applied to both superficial and deep layers of the muscles, fascia and other structures.

We want to make sure each guest  have quality experience by further customizing massage treatment.